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Wunschgutschein 50 EUR Gift Card

Wunschgutschein Gift Cards are some of the best presents you can get a person. And the wider the selection that you can get with it, the better the card is considered to be. So, when you buy Wunschgutschein Gift Card 50 EUR, you open a door for the receiver to pick and choose from a terrific variety of items.

Can be redeemed on Wunschgutschein.de

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Wunschgutschein Gift Card is the gift that always fits, because Wunschgutschein is a voucher that can be redeemed online with over 500 partners.

From A like Amazon to Z like Zalando, the recipient has the full selection and you are always right with your gift. WUNSCHGUTSCHEIN is now available with many greeting card motifs, some of them free of charge, for various occasions, such as Christmas, birthdays or as a gift in between.


  • The Wunschgutschein – the perfect gift by combining a voucher and a greeting card in one product
  • The voucher is a universal voucher redeemable at over 500 partners
  • The voucher card is sent by e-mail
  • Redemption under wunschgutschein.de
  • WUNSCHGUTSCHEIN expire three years after their order, starting from the end of the year in which the Wunschgutschein was purchased.



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